If I Were To Live My Life Again By Nargis

I am twenty-five years old. This thought gives me a strange feeling, a strange and sudden realization that I have lived through twenty-five long years, through summers, winters, monsoons, and springs, laughed and cried and hoped and struggled, without ever feeling the weight of the years that were fast slipping away. I have never believed […]

The Postman Knocks At The Ivory Tower By Nargis

A fan in Durban, South Africa, recently wrote to me: “I was tremendously moved by these lines in your “Leaves From My Diary” in “Filmfare” – ‘Nobody knew her, No one understood her, only I, I knew her, for I am her soul.’ “So I was compelled to write to you”. Those lines which occurred […]

Raj Kapoor Nargis: Romantic Pair Of The Indian Screen

Film magazines in India, especially old bollywood magazines are difficult to find. If you are looking for old filmfare magazines articles, then you have found the right place. This website will cover all old filmy articles that you were dying to read. Here’s the article from Filmfare 1954: Raj Kapoor & Nargis who hasn’t heard […]