“Aap Ko Kya Taklif Hai?” By Nanda

“Aap Ko Kya Taklif Hai?” they say. They mean: Why do you worry your pretty head? But I can’t help worrying. The worst of all frustrations is the frustration of not being used. The feeling of being full of things to give and nowhere to give it. The feeling of being All Dressed Up and […]

Nanda: They Wanted Heroines, Not Actresses 1980

You have ultimately come back, so weren’t those seven years a waste looking back? Why waste? Multi starrers became the trend in those years. These are films where the heroines have little or nothing to do. Or shall we say these films need heroines but don’t use actresses? They leave actresses feeling frustrated. You get […]

Nanda-Waheeda: A Flashback on Friendship

Instinct, I sat up and said “Wait it is Nanda – it’s for me sure enough, it was. there was the familiar giggle that familiar voice, sweet and courteous. Soon there was all that familiar excitement, my weirdness was gone, such a relief. It was the beginning of another of those long telephone conversations. Of […]