My Dear Fans By Meena Kumari

DEAR FANS…Since we have started our column “Stars Meet Fans In Spotlight” in which stars reply to the questions sent by their fans, we have been receiving lots of letters addressed to participating stars. Surprisingly, this inward mall continues even after the particular stars have concluded their series, due to limited time at their disposal, […]

Leaves From My Diary By Meena Kumari

Though I was too young to be able to keep a diary at the time, my recollections and reminiscences go back quite a long way, to the age of three in fact. I shall start from there. We had all gone from Bombay, where we lived to Punjab, to my father’s home my mother is […]

The Two Faces Of Eve By Ashok Kumar

The year was 1940. Off and on I had seen her at Bombay Talkies. It was a warm day. So I had left the door open. I saw her going nervously past the door, looking in. A few seconds later she passed again, evidently undecided whether to come in or not. “Come in,” I called […]