The Two Faces Of Eve By Ashok Kumar

The year was 1940. Off and on I had seen her at Bombay Talkies. It was a warm day. So I had left the door open. I saw her going nervously past the door, looking in. A few seconds later she passed again, evidently undecided whether to come in or not. “Come in,” I called […]

Madhubala: Filmland’s Loveliest Star

“So sweet a face, such angel grace in all that land had never been.” These lines from Tennyson’s poem about the beggar maid spring to mind at the mention of the beauteous Madhubala. Verily, she is filmland’s loveliest star, “more fair than words can say,” “more beautiful than day.” Her real name, Mumtaz does justice […]

Madhubala: This Thing Called Love

Many a time I find that when I want to get down to giving expression to my innermost thoughts and feelings, it becomes difficult for me to find the right words through which I can speak exactly as I feel no more, no less! As a result, I have got into the habit of not […]