Romantic Scenes By Vyjayanthimala

There are certain forces at work in Indian films which make the realistic depiction of romantic scenes impossible. It would be unfair to blame the Censor’s code alone for the strictures placed on the representation of celluloid love, for the fault lies also with the public, and in part with the players themselves. The common […]

The Postman Knocks At The Ivory Tower By Nargis

A fan in Durban, South Africa, recently wrote to me: “I was tremendously moved by these lines in your “Leaves From My Diary” in “Filmfare” – ‘Nobody knew her, No one understood her, only I, I knew her, for I am her soul.’ “So I was compelled to write to you”. Those lines which occurred […]

Leaves From My Diary By Meena Kumari

Though I was too young to be able to keep a diary at the time, my recollections and reminiscences go back quite a long way, to the age of three in fact. I shall start from there. We had all gone from Bombay, where we lived to Punjab, to my father’s home my mother is […]