The lad who was hailed by his principal as “the Prithviraj of my college’ is now the film star who lives appropriately enough in a building called Prithviraj chambers.

Sunil Dutt Balraj to his numerous radio fans has found what may be termed perfect bachelor digs in one of Bombay’s exclusive localities Nepean sea road.

The two small rooms on the top floor are reached without the aid of an elevator. Once there you wonder how this tall strapping young man manages to fit into them.

Yet Sunil loves his tiny secluded flat and would not trade it for more luxury. Indeed luxury is a word which does not impress Sunil very much.

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A fairly successful star since he made his debut in railway platform nearly a year ago Sunil is today the same simple youth at heart that he was thinks nothing at all of donning his dilapidated jeans picking up the leather bag containing his makeup and waiting at the b route bus stop opposite his house for a bus to take him to his work.

The sitting room cum dining room with its cane sofa set on one side and the small dining table on the other fulfills the needs of host and guest without much discomfort to either.

Indeed the matching deep red of the upholstery carpet and tapestry lends elegance to the tiny room.

The bedroom with its attached bathroom is delightfully cozy with its single bed wardrobe and Sunil Dutt’s favorite musical instrument the radio on the bedside table bedecked with curios and greeting cards painted by some of his fair admirers.

There is one luxury however which Sunil does not deny himself the luxury of a good wardrobe and he is the proud possessor of stacks of jerkins, jackets, jeans, slacks, suits.

Always informally clad at home as well as at the film studios, it is a different story when Sunil is balraj of Radio Ceylon.

For as an executive of a leading advertising firm, he is often found in the firm’s recording studio at peddar road immaculately dressed and dictating letters to his secretary or preparing the commentaries for his radio program.

For clean fresh air, Sunil does not have to go for from his home. A few minutes walk brings him to the serene beauty of the seaside at Harkness road where he spends many hours on the rocks in dreamy contemplation. – Filmfare 1956 (Sunil Dutt first filmfare cover)

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