The freshest and youngest team of them all-the very popular star-tam of Nasir & Nutan is the last in Filmfare’s series featuring romantic couples of the Indian screen.

Each closely associated with a “big name” in the film industry (Nutan’s mother being the lovely veteran Shobhana Samarth, & Nasir’s brother the very famous Dilip Kumar) yet both have made good on sheer merit, neither of them trading on the fame & influence of their kin.

Both made encouraging debuts: Nasir in Nitin Bose’s “Mazdoor” & Nutan in their mother’s production appropriately titled “Hamari Beti”. It was Dalsukh Pancholi however who brought them together in that highly successful thriller “Nagina” which celebrated a silver jubilee.

The millions of picture goers who saw their work together in the film were undoubtedly fascinated by the youthful appeal of this romantic team.

Fresh in their outlook, natural in their acting, Nutan & Nasir captivated their audience especially with their endearing love scenes, which with their boy and girl next door quality was extremely well-liked.

Both even-tempered & accommodating, with regard & respect for each other which is uncommon in most young people, Nutan & Nasir went on to the team in several other pictures, prominent among them being “Hangama”, “Sheeshan” & “Aagosh”.

Incidentally, Nutan was perhaps the only non-adult who got anywhere near “Nagina” which was certified for adults only!! At that time Nutan was just sixteen years old.

Nasir is obviously most at ease & at his best when he acts opposite the pretty Nutan. Perhaps, that is why, when he recently turned producer, he decided to take her as the leading lady for his film entitled “Muhurat”.

He thinks Nutan is a fine actress & once described her to Filmfare as “an emotionally alive artist gifted with a very fertile imagination”! Nutan likes Nasir for his easy-going ways, his modesty & his innate good nature.

Besides they have similar tastes. This is most evident in their collections of gramophone records which are almost identical.

And so on this note of youth which implies hope and new horizons for the film industry, we bring out feature to a close.

Each pair selected by us has its own appeal for picturegoers: Teamwork is the secret of the phenomenal success of Raj and Nargis: real-life romance adds to the charm of the Dev-Kalpana, Prem-Bina teams; Bharat and Suraiya clicked because of their combination.

Sincerity tinged with religious fervor accounts for the popularity of their mythological team of Trilok and Nirupa; a distinctive star quality plus a damsel in distress nota have established Dilip and Nimmi as a screen pair; Abhi and pronoti, both Bengalis display charm which is lovable and infectious.

Camaraderie, a joy of living, is the trademark of Talaat Nadira team; Kishore and Vyjanthimala personify gaiety and laughter, while Ashok and Meena are embodiments of romance as we Indians truly understand it. – Filmfare 1955

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