Meena Kumari was one of the famous personas of the 50s who ruled millions of hearts. Better know as tragedy queen, she became the prominent face of Indian cinema.

In the early 50s, an article was written giving a glimpse about her home in which she shifted after her marriage to Kamal Amrohi. Below is the description of her home in 1955.

Rembrandt, at Pali Hill, Bombay’s exclusive suburban locality is the home of Meena Kumari, the popular star. Nestling in verdant, picturesque surroundings which delight the eye, the two-storied building, glistening white in the sunshine, is built on modern lines.

The star’s own spacious flat on the top floor is a riot of colors. The most striking feature of the drawing-room is the brilliant red silk curtains which when drawn together to keep out the sun, give the room a gorgeous flame-like glow.

The most exquisite pieces in this room are the breathtaking cut glass chandeliers which speak of stately mansions & a romantic old-world whose traces are fast disappearing among us. Prominent & greatly cherished by their proud owner & much admired by her friends are two beautiful bronze statuettes, the Clares awarded to her as the Best Actress of the Year in two consecutive polls by “Filmfare” readers.

Three broad divans upholstered in grey silk (contrasting with the red of the drapes) are flanked by unique peg tables, glass-topped squares of the same width & height as the divans.

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A center table placed on the red plush carpet sports a beautiful amber & gold flower vase filled with rich blooms. A long low bookcase faces the divans & completes the layout of the drawing-room.

Part of the hall, facing a balcony on the side, forms the dining room. It is bright & airy. The dining table for eight, the refrigerator, the low sideboard filled with exquisite chinaware & a dumb waiter mark this as a strictly “utilitarian” area. The balcony adjoining, a closed affair has an informal air.

Two comfortable settees covered with rich brocade, a large radiogram, a bookshelf, the telephone, a table fan, a standard lamp & the strip of red carpet furnish it for study & relaxation. Sliding glass windows shelter it from the rains.

It is an ideal nook. Meena’s bedroom simply & tastefully furnished has soft light blue curtains. The effect is soothing. The bed with its huge semi-circular ends of solid wood is placed against a decorated window, arched and also curtained in blue.

By the side of the bedstead are an ivory lampstand, a vase filled with flowers & a table clock given to the star by Bimal Roy for her work in Do Bigha Zamin. A wardrobe built in three sections runs along the whole length on one wall.

The low dressing table with its three quarter length mirror is loaded with exotic, long-necked perfume jars which Ali Baba might have owned! This then is “Rembrandt”, the beautiful home of India’s most popular actress. – Filmfare 1955

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