After Guide one somehow expected monogrammed bush shirts, tapering pants & stiletto shoes to fall by the wayside.

The mendicant’s coarse jibba & flowing pyjamas with a saffron shawl flung over the shoulder one thought would become the fash on symbols of the youth of the country.

Such is the continuing personal appeal and box office magic of the Dev Anand image.

For over two decades moviegoers have flocked to theatres to see the boyish hero with his toothy grin & his way of calling to his sweetheart of the moment with a special urgency which is halfway house between a whispered message in a sophisticated sitting room & Tarzan’s full-blooded call between cupped hands to Puma in the wilds.

Some of his films may have let down audiences but Dev himself never has. On-screen & off he remains very lovable with his perennial youthfulness enthusiasm pep & dash.

To the drab familiar area of Lamington Road he brings the go & magic of Madison Avenue he is at once a creative artist & a suave public relations counsellor.

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In real life he is easily accessible he is one star who for instance if the telephone rings in his presence picks it up without the slightest hesitation & admits his identity to the caller.

Yet he doesn’t lose one bit his precious star quality- a quality which disconcertingly depends generally on rigidly controlled exposures to the public on temperament on being difficult & remote.

He never forgets names & faces when he meets you. He has a way of buttonholing you & talking to you as if you were the most important man on earth.

You know of course this isn’t so & so does he but what does it matter! Into the musty film trade circles of Bombay, Dev brings a breath of fresh air.

He himself has one foot firmly in this world, but with the other, he is continuously kicking the traces. In outlook & aspirations speech & mannerisms he is an international Man the handsome Indian abroad very much in a hurry & looking keenly for road signs.

He has of course gone abroad frequently & talks incessantly about taking Indian films there. The foreign version of Guide didn’t quite do it in America but we can do it and we will he says confidently. He almost rears like an impatient colt wanting to jump the traces.

After Guide based on a novel, the book to film bug must have bitten Dev hard. At odd moments say when overseeing some dubbing. He may be seen poring over freshly published novels putting on spectacles heavily framed in black and managing to look like a one-man board of directors.

He has even bought the rights of one or two of these novels & is presumably waiting for the right time to take them on the sets. Jewel Thief which he eventually launched & is currently under production is what he calls a safe sure film tailored for box office.

He began the new year by announcing his intention of directing a film. Dev has a tremendous built-in sense of loyalty. Year after year one finds him surrounded by the same team of associates & staff. By the same token, a producer who has done a film with him once can be reasonably sure of getting him again for another.

For dev, this has sometimes acted as a trap enclosing him in projects that do not come out as shining successes. The international man by corollary is also a good organisation man.

When the screen actors guild was formed dev was a natural choice for presidentship. Averse by an inclination to strife’s & tension dev like the Uno constantly plumbs for peace & goodwill among men in his profession.

This born public relations man is a good platform speaker carrying himself with flourish & aplomb. The anands are sophisticated hosts at parties it is a delight to watch dev at the same time being hail fellow well met with everyone & dodging those party temptations of stimulants like cigarettes.

Dev writes fluently & faultlessly. Blue ink & a right sloping hand fill page after page of his thick, cream-white personal notepaper.

Sorry ghostwriters no vacancy at dev. All he needs is some respite from an incessant stream of visitors & associates & a spare room to shut myself in for an hour or two and hey presto!

Dev can deliver an article on any subject that concerns him. His friends range from poets to servicemen embracing in between politicians & mere socialites.

But alas that spare room at his elegant spacious home is most often difficult to come by. The home is continuously being remodelled.

His home is unlike him in one respect it is remote & rather difficult to access. It is like him in some respects growing changing always modern. – Filmfare 1967

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