The Two Faces Of Eve By Ashok Kumar

The year was 1940. Off and on I had seen her at Bombay Talkies. It was a warm day. So I had left the door open. I saw her going nervously past the door, looking in. A few seconds later she passed again, evidently undecided whether to come in or not. “Come in,” I called […]

Anatomy Of A Genius: Raj Kapoor

To a writer, a subject close to his heart is often a difficult assignment. When that subject happens to be an individual who has also been in some ways a benefactor, the writer’s difficulties are multiplied a hundredfold. This is how I am placed where Raj Kapoor is concerned. If therefore I fail to give […]

Sunil Dutt: Stars At Home (Bachelor Digs)

The lad who was hailed by his principal as “the Prithviraj of my college’ is now the film star who lives appropriately enough in a building called Prithviraj chambers. Sunil Dutt Balraj to his numerous radio fans has found what may be termed perfect bachelor digs in one of Bombay’s exclusive localities Nepean sea road. […]